Build an Equity Crowdfunding platform with

Build a peer to peer lending platform for real estate debt financing or SME investing with Capio
a fully-customisable white-label crowdfunding platform.

Equity crowdfunding software for your needs

At Capio, we combine technology and service to make sure your equity crowdfunding platform works according to your regulations and business needs. Out-of-the-box, we provide:

  • Admin back office 
  • Investor and fundraiser portal
  • Marketing site 

As a customisable white-label crowdfunding platform provider and Fintech software developer powered by JustCoded, we are happy to present how Capio can be helpful for your busines

Download the survey report and see how
equity investment platforms
perform during the COVID-19.

Solutions for several stages of your equity
crowdfunding business

Present to stakeholders with a prototype

Collect the required funds for further crowdfunding platform development with our white-label crowdfunding software.

Launch an MVP to test your business

Test your equity crowdfunding business on a real audience with an operational platform and comply with regulations.

Have Capio tailored for you

Leverage your experience and our expertise to build a private equity crowdfunding
software according to your needs.

Different shares - different
entitlement to dividends
and repayments

Peculiar to equity investing, an equity crowdfunding software should be developed according to the proposed share types and flows. It’s up to you to decide who will be entitled to normal dividends, preferential dividends or no dividends. Your equity crowdfunding platform may have single or combined flows as per your request.

Integrate your accounting system with Capio or go manual

An accounting system of your choice can be integrated with Capio to allow for automated dividend repayment calculation. Depending on the stage of your business, security, deal type or other preferences, you may also want to enter the data manually.

Cultivate your crowdfunding platform’s

To make sure your business is rewarded properly, you can set up fees at any point within the
transaction flows or elsewhere on demand. Also, you can set up auto-investing, schedule repayments,
allow investors to manage their wallets and request withdrawals.

Allow investors to trade shares in the secondary market

Beat the illiquidity and allow investors to trade securities in the secondary market. We will help you set up various secondary market rules to make sure it works according to your country’s regulations and business operations.

Implement private and public crowdfunding rounds on your platform

If you want to support multiple segments of investors and fundraising campaigns on your platform, you may want to have additional functionality which ensures fundraising campaign preferences. Some offerings may want to go public while others would rather crowdfund privately to select only the most interested investors without disclosing sensitive information to the retail investors.

Create user roles on your equity crowdfunding platform

Have an investment fund manager, accountant, lawyer or other account created for the needs of your team. Depending on the scale of your business, you may want to have several user roles with various access rights.

Integrate your equity crowdfunding software with any third-party service

As a customisable white-label crowdfunding software, Capio is extremely flexible in terms of integrations. From CRM, reporting, and marketing automation to Payment Gateway, KYC/AML, eSign, and currency exchange software, we will implement or the instrument of your choice. 

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Contact us to discuss your integration

Capio is an MVP-ready customisable white-label crowdfunding platform

Whether you’re looking to launch with a pre-built solution which includes admin back office, web portal, and marketing site, or develop a custom equity crowdfunding software platform for your business, Capio may become the right fit for you.

Being a product of JustCoded, Capio provides development, design, QA, BA, and project management services including: 

  • Full-cycle development
  • White-label P2P lending platform
  • Fintech consulting and support
  • Technology partnership